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About   Japan Lash Concept

Use Atome at Japan Lash Concept HK to enjoy exclusive discount vouchers on Japan Lash Concept's products and/or services.

Simply scan Japan Lash Concept's in-store QR code or pay via the Atome App upon checkout. All Atome app users will be entitled to a welcome voucher of up to HK$200 off on their first purchase.

How to shop on Japan Lash Concept with Atome (Buy Now, Pay Later)

  • Select Atome as your payment method during checkout.
  • If you have an Atome account, please enter your login information and proceed with payment.
  • If you are new to Atome, you will be asked to apply for an Atome account before checkout with Japan Lash Concept. The process is fast and simple, and you will receive an approval within minutes.
  • Pay 1/3 of the total bill first. After your checkout, orders ship and you will receive the items and pay the other two payments later with zero interest, 30 days apart.

Zero interest or hidden fees

Atome does not charge any interest or any hidden service fees. If you miss a scheduled payment, your account will be suspended until the outstanding amount is paid. An administration cost of HK$100 is charged to re-activate your account.

Easily track your monthly shopping expenses and payment notifications through Atome's mobile app. For more information, please refer to the Terms of Service.

3 easy payments,

0% interest.

3 easy payments,

0% interest.

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Japan Lash Concept (Grand Plaza)

Flat/Rm 1207, 12/F Grand Plaza Office Tower 2, 625 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, KL, Hong Kong, 0000