Looking for a cool Smart TV for your living room? Friends and TV zone must have your favorite! Come and choose one!

Jun 23 2022

home TV
How long has it been since your TV was replaced? People in big cities spend 5-6 hours a day looking at their mobile phones, and most of the time they are watching YouTube and watching TV series. Looking at such a small mobile phone screen is so laborious… Why don’t you use the [Projection] function to directly link your mobile phone to the YouTube App of Smart TV to watch it, it will be more fun!

When would you consider buying a TV? It is usually someone who hasn’t replaced a new TV for about 5 years. It may be you. You will be able to find your favorite in the Youhe TV area!

Friends and TV
First of all, here you can go directly to the Youhe TV area of ​​the Youhe YOHO shopping website, where you can choose from a variety of brands, prices and styles. As for the brand, there are Samsung, Philips, LG, Panasonic, Sony, TCL and so on. Basically all the big brands of TV are here.

TV competition
Among them, the best selling is the mid-priced LG 32-inch FHD smart TV, all of which are licensed in Hong Kong, so you can rest assured. After all, sometimes it is possible to buy parallel imports in some unsecured stores outside, but you can rest assured in Friends and He~

In terms of price, there are also many grades. The most affordable is TCL’s 32-inch Smart TV. The discount price is only HK$1908, which is HK$572 cheaper than the original price of HK$2480. The rest of the money can eat several lunches.

But guess how much is the most powerful TV? Didn’t guess? The answer is HK$36,988~ You read that right, it’s Samsung’s 65-inch 8K QLED Smart TV! Wow~ I really know how to enjoy life… The price of this TV has been offered at 49%, which is the most nett price, but I believe there are still many people who buy it, it depends on how much your budget is.

After introducing the most affordable, most-buyed and most powerful TVs, I believe you already know how big the TV you want and how much it costs. By the way, there are also TV wall brackets for sale in the Youhe TV area. Oh, find a good location, go to Youhe TV and pick one of your favorites!

Reputation Guarantee
In the previous article, we mentioned YOHO’s reputation, guarantee, etc. I believe that friends who have read it already know a lot about YOHO, the first O2O electrical and electronic product store in Hong Kong. Friends who haven’t seen it click (here) to see it!

Environmentally friendly recycling
The main thing is to say that environmental awareness is still very important. If households all over the world replace major appliances every 3-5 years, it is conceivable how much electronic waste will be produced. But Youhe Yoho has an additional service, that is, when you buy “four computers and one computer”, Youhe YOHO will arrange a free old removal service. Details can be found here. If you don’t have so much purchase demand, you don’t need to worry. You can call the EPD’s recycling hotline at 2676 8888 to make an appointment with a government operator to come to your door for recycling and send it to a designated recycling recycler for processing. In addition, if you buy a TV in the Youhe TV area, you can choose to pick it up, there are more than 2,000 self-pickup points, or you can choose to have it delivered to your door.

Various offers
Youhe’s online store has many discounts, which is a good place to buy appliances. If you have several electronic products or electrical appliances to buy, you can also find [package discounts] on Youhe’s official website. It is more cost-effective to buy several items together! In addition, there are special areas such as [Selected Offers] and [Coupons], I believe you will find more good luck, Good luck!